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We are glad the Lord has pointed you in our direction.

This circle of faith is gathered to worship Jesus Christ, the King of Heaven, because of His great love and compassion towards us in His sacrifice and Resurrection.  Christian churches are part of a unity movement to call all believers back to the Bible.

In things that are essential let there be unity, in non-essentials let there be liberty, and in all things let there be love.

We are Christian only, but we are not the only Christians.

At Grandview Christian Church, our desire is to lift Jesus so that all men may be drawn to Him.  Please let this serve as our invitation for you to come and visit us.  If we can be your servant, for the sake of Christ, we will do our best.  Please come prayerfully; we want your life to be in the center of the Lord’s will.  The Lord’s Supper is served every Sunday, following the custom of the early church.  We believe that the privilege of receiving communion is for all believers, because Jesus is the host at the table.

Our Mission:

Grandview Christian Church is composed of individuals who, in faith, have responded to God’s actions to redeem His creation and establish His Kingdom.  We believe that these actions find their full expression in the person of Jesus Christ.  Recognition of Jesus Christ as the Son of God has drawn us out of the world and made us a new and different people.  As members of this redeemed/ redeeming community we continually seek to become like Jesus Christ, as individuals, and as a corporate body.  Jesus Christ is the one who has gathered and defined us as a part of His one holy universal apostolic church.

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Weekly Schedule of Activities

      SUNDAY schedule      

Bible Study

Adult Bible Study…  9:30 AM (Downstairs)

Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School…  10:30 AM (Downstairs)

Sunday Worship

Contemporary Service…  9:30 AM (Fellowship Hall)

Worship Service…  10:30 AM (Sanctuary)


    TUESDAY schedule    

Men’s Bible Study… 6:30 PM

Ladies’ Bible Study (1st Tuesday of the month)… 6:30 PM


  WEDNESDAY schedule  

Adult Bible Study… 6:30 PM

 Youth Group… 6:30 PM

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